Mr. Greg Harrington has over 25 years of experience in corporate finance.   After eight years in the merger & acquisition field with a prominent wall street firm, Mr. Harrington has been a principle or co-investor in acquisitions of private/public companies with combined sales in excess of $500MM and has divested these companies to Fortune 1000 companies to London AIM listed company. He is has acquired in excess of $150,000,000.00 of Commercial and Residential real estate in North America and Mexico.  He has served as Chairman of the Board for the largest Tobacco/Confectionery Company (Sales $160,000,000).  The company received the Arizona Corporate Excellence Award 2005 as one of the top 50 private companies.  Mr. Harrington was the board member and majority shareholder of a publicly traded REIT, Director and Chairman of one of top 10 independent Mortgage banking firm (AMEX) in Southern California, and CEO of one of the largest engine re-manufactures in the west coast. Mr. Harrington is the Principle, Officer, or Director of several public companies that have traded on OTC:BB/AMEX/Nasdaq exchanges.  He has been, and continues to serve as an Officer and/or Director of private and public companies, both in the North America and abroad. He has established excellent relationships with several large investment funds, hedge funds and private equity located in North America, Europe and the Mexico, and has engineered capital formation in excess of $250,000,000.  Mr. Harrington has over four decades of experience in agricultural operations farming and cattle operations and continues to be active today. 

Oscar Tapia Pereira


Mr. Oscar Tapia Pereira Pereira, 40, is an Attorney at Law with more than eighteen (18) years of practice, with emphasis in matters related with Securities Law, Regulation and Commercial and Corporate Law. Additionally, Mr. Pereira has ten (10) years of experience as Financial Analyst, Financial Principal and Compliance Officer, currently acting as Principal Executive in BVAI a Registered Investment Advisor in the Republic of Panama.  In his experience as a lawyer he served as Chief of the Legal Department of the National Public Services Authority in the Republic of Panama, and supported multinationals as legal consultant. Mr. Pereira is fluent in English and Portuguese, and works as consultant and investment advisor in over 15 countries in Europe, USA, South America. Currently he is advisor to the Board of Directors of Kraftpal Technologies in Europe.  Mr. Pereira has a Master Degree in Procedural Law with the University of Panama, Specialization on Telecommunications Regulation with the University of Brasilia - (UnB.), Brazil; Specialization in Corporate and Business Law with the University of San Francisco (USF), USA; and, ISO - Internal Quality Systems Auditor with Société Générale de Surveillance – (SGS) – Switzerland.

Ramon Chimelis


Mr. Ramon Chimelis, 54, founded and serves as Principal Executive Officer and Principal Financial Officer at Big Sky Industries II, III, VI, V and VI Inc. and has been their President, Secretary and Treasurer since January 2000. Mr. Chimelis served as the Chief Executive Officer, President, Treasurer and Secretary of 3 Coffee Exchange, Inc. from January 2000 to November 20, 2007. From 1999 to January 2000, Mr. Chimelis was engaged in day trading through Gunslinger Group, Inc. From 1998 to 1999, he served as a Trader at the broker dealer firm of JOQ Financial, Inc., and from 1995 to 1998, he served as a Stock Broker at Collner Higgins and Higgins and Anderson. Since 2003, Mr. Chimelis continues to day trade as self-employed.  From January 2000 to June 2003, Mr. Chimelis served as an Officer of Design Pallets, Inc. He has been Director at Big Sky Industries II, III, IV and V Inc. since January 2000. He served as Director of Coffee Exchange, Inc. From January 2000 to June 2003, he served as Director of Design Pallets, Inc.  Mr. Chimelis studied Business Finance at Brevard Community College.